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Jun. 2nd, 2012

Taking part in Camp NaNo, hence going a bit quiet on RaTs lately. Forcing myself to write like mad might help get me back into the groove. I might manage a few Timeless shorts and I'll try to go a-reading soon, but for now I'm concentrating on writing again. I've started a completely new world with a completely new set of characters, this time in a high fantasy sort of setting with a focus on postcolonialism and sociolinguistic identity...

Let's see how it goes. Onwards! Anyone else doing Camp NaNo? I didn't even know it existed until Drummer mentioned it. XD
Finished my final exam today. Tonight I plan on getting trolleyed.

Before, though, a post!

It's been a funny old year. Moving out of my tiny village to London, growing up more than I really wanted to, figuring out more about myself, losing a member of my family, making some wonderful friends... kind of up-and-down all over. And it's been six months since I was last LJing, I think, and about the same since I last wrote. Feeling ready to dive back in, though, especially with the summer challenge coming up on RaTs. No way I'm letting Timeless fade on me after all the love I've put in.

It's legitimately wonderful to be writing again. I shouldn't think I'll be pumping out the fic until this week is over (last week of my first year at university... where does the time go?) but hopefully I'll be back to churning out the words sooner rather than later. I've missed the ridiculousness, and I've missed everyone!

You're all well, I hope. Here's to another year of life being life. <3

Nov. 3rd, 2011

Day three of NaNo and I'm up to an epic ninety-nine words.

Frog clam it.
Crazy world of internets, I am back... THIS TIME FOR REAL, I hope.

And I am also so so sorry for dropping off the face of the earth without warning-- in fact, straight after saying I was back. That was just. dalfkjad. Not planned but not exactly good of me either.

The rundown: shit happened, blah blah, and then uni, I am now living in halls of residence on campus. My A-level results were good, all things considered, and I got into my top choice. And now I live in London. Which is amazing.

I haven't written since... since the last time I posted on RaTs, really, but I'm hoping to smash my way back into it via NaNoWriMo this year.

PLEASE PLEASE, how is everyone and what's been going on with all of you? I hope everyone's well and still around. I've really missed writing and the RaTs community and just all of the awesome people LJ somehow mashed me together with.

Jul. 9th, 2011

I'm back!

I'm reading again!

I'm even writing again! Mostly about Victor for some reason, and I'll hopefully be banging them up on runaway_tales within the next couple of days.

Really looking forwards to reading and sharing more writing. :D Hope everyone's been well! Things are better now on this end, pretty much, and that's all you need to know. <3


Jun. 7th, 2011

Nina has a sad.

Back soon. <3

who's on first

Can you believe I hadn't heard of this absolutely classic comedy routine until a few weeks ago? It was at the Evolving English exhibition at the British Library in a small corner with headphones marked 'wordplay'. I was laughing out loud like a total idiot to myself the whole way through.


weekend of fail!

lmao, after failing my driving test I went camping with mates and I promptly screwed up my leg and am now on crutches. Dude! It doesn't rain but it pours. I'm getting an X-ray on Wednesday.

On the bright side my mum got home from Japan yesterday and brought several squashed packages of melon-pan! Yum. <3

I'm actually in pretty high spirits considering, but I'm kind of annoyed that it's now going to take me about an hour and a half to trek to college. I am way too stingy to pay for buses. XD Also, the Dartmoor walk was a tough one and I'm pleased that I actually managed to finish it even on my bum leg. Eleven tors and one hill in one day, guys! And that was after sleeping in the most draughty tent imaginable. Ah, camping. I probably didn't do my leg any favours though. I didn't think there was anything seriously wrong with it until it pretty much stopped working. I've been raised with the "does it hurt? Well, man up and ignore it!" way of looking at these things, which I agree isn't always practical. I fractured my ankle once and went to school with it for the day before realising maybe it was serious.

Um, so, what else. I'll probably be a little bit pooey on activity, not that I'm not already. Lots of love from over here!


Failed my driving test epically but I'm glad it's over...

And soon I'm off camping for the weekend! Dartmoor, woot! So I wish you all a nice weekend. :D


Omfg, I haven't even taken the test yet and I'm comfort eating. Steady the hell on, Nina! I actually don't care at this point about passing or not, I just don't want to crash the car or be told by the instructor that they don't want to carry on with the test because they feel unsafe. That is how bad I am at driving. I actually don't trust myself to manage 45 minutes of driving without doing something terrible. It would just be so embarrassing and disheartening if they asked to stop the test, you know?

Ughughugh OK, OK, I'm just reminding myself that it'll be over and done with by 3pm tomorrow and then I'm going camping with mates for the weekend. Wooo! Also, I'll have adrenaline on my side for the test. WOOOOO! ADRENALINE!

In more writerly and cheerful news, I've started on the Peanut Butter flavour challenge for RaTs. I'm halfway through already and really looking forwards to posting it come the end of August! It's not Timeless related at all: the entire flavour is one standalone short story about a guy in Illinois in the seventies who decides to abandon his life of crime and crookery in order to raise chickens. It's kinda silly and I'm sure a lot of Britishisms slipped in, but it's been fun. I'm going to be sad when I finish it, that's how much fun.

Hope everyone is OK! I'll catch up on reading at RaTs one of these days, honestly.